The way we deliver

A new breed of integrated marketing that looks at your challenges through the lens of strategy, creativity and technology.

A trusted partner to ambitious brands

Carswell Gould works with marketing and business leaders around the world who value exemplary service and our  ability to integrate seamlessly within their operation. We achieve this through a flexible approach, where honesty, trust and communication form the foundations for strong relationships.

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What makes us different?

Helicopter us in to solve those specific challenges on your business’s marketing to-do list. We dig in deep, get under the skin of the challenge and then take responsibility for specific projects within your marketing process, including; campaigns, launches, websites, technology integrations and events.

Our values


  • Identifying and solving problems at pace
  • Having sharp strategic focus
  • Being transparent in the ways that we work
  • Providing the best (not biggest) answers = zero waste, high-value solutions
  • Ensure results and reporting clarity


  • Being bold, curious, and coming up with innovative ideas
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Having a passion for great work and what we do
  • Ensure the highest creative standards, from concept to reporting


  • One team, harmonising and in sync with our clients to work as true partners
  • Natural communicators, always ready to start the conversation
  • By being easily integrated and ready to go
  • Smart working to get the best from each other
  • Scalable via the trusted CG partners we work with
  • Excellent processes.


The people of Carswell Gould share a common commitment to reduce the impact of our work on the environment. We do this by identifying, understanding and then acting on areas where we can make a difference and reduce the overall impact of what we do.

We make a personal and professional pledge to enact better choices in what we buy, make and sell. We recognise that this will be a journey and something that we will need to be work on continually. As such, we will form an action group who will lead this process and ensure it remains on the agenda at executive and board level.

  • Take time to understand our impact on the environment
  • Take action to reduce overall carbon use
  • Reduce non-essential travel and offset any essential travel
  • Select supplies with sustainability in mind
  • Offer solutions with sustainability as standard that help our customers make great marketing with less impact

Our 2023-2024 action plan 

Aim: Understand our impact on the environment and explore opportunities to improve

Approach: Annual strategic plan and quarterly reviews led by an action group consisting of a board member and team members.

Actions: Set up strategy, research and policies, speak to experienced advisors. Add board agenda items and reporting process.

Aim: Reduce our overall carbon impact  Approach: Offsetting/planting trees, plus behavioural change. Where we can’t reduce, we will offset – but with a partner with excellent credentials.

Actions: Partner with trusted offsetting companies.

Aim: Reduce the impact of travel without compromising service

Approach: We will promote online meetings. Where we need to travel for business, we will: 1) Use public transport 2) Offset the cost of car/plane business travel. Add offset number to each client’s summary each month from travel to meetings, etc.

Actions: Find a way to add the offset travel cost into our delivery of work. Research government schemes for employees we can use, e.g. Cycle to work scheme.

Aim: Select supplies with sustainability in mind and take action to reduce overall carbon use and greenhouse emissions

Approach: Where practical, we buy from suppliers who are more sustainable and offer greener products. For example, electricity, web hosting, promotional products, printing and software. Request information on everything we buy, consider the supply chain and where there is a better option, we opt for that. We prefer locally sourced suppliers who can state the sustainability of their products and services.

Action: Compile a list of suppliers and products that we buy and change to more sustainable providers, if possible.

Aim: Ensure the environmental impact of our office is as low as possible.

Approach: Make sure products we use in the office are as green as possible, for example: office supplies, cleaning, coffee/tea. We follow the best guidance on lights, heating and water use. We come to the office at the same time to make the best use of the resources we use and are replanning our workspace with that in mind. We recycle as much as possible, including all our tech, giving it the longest life possible. We buy secondhand where possible, for example: furniture and refurbished laptops.


  • List everything we buy for the office and what we can change to be more sustainable 
  • Swapping to renewable energy where possible
  • Insulate the roof voids
  • Secondary glaze the meeting room 
  • Service boilers and heating, get a smart meter to work out energy usage 
  • Tell people to ‘Put a jumper on’ rather than hike up energy use.

Aim: Provide solutions that promote sustainability as standard, aiding client’s ability to do great marketing with less impact.

Approach: We offer solutions that have less impact on the environment. For example, sustainable promotional gifts, hosting events, digital first campaign activity. We think about the lifecycle of what we produce – printed material, signage, etc. Web design, SEO, data cleansing- taking sustainability into account. We reduce impact on the environment by selecting suppliers and activities that are greener, high quality, longer lasting, reusable, valued – rather than cheap, plastic, throw-away. We also consider where the item is coming from and where it will be used.

Actions: Create a guidance document for the team with questions about sustainability to ask suppliers. Create a list of sustainable promotional items and products we sell. Maintain a shared spreadsheet as a resource for finding these.

Aim: Promoting a more sustainable approach to business and marketing.

Approach: We have a content theme/pillar relating to this and continually communicate it as part of our proposition, as part of our brand. We create stories, including: How to check your tech stack is sustainable; Weigh up the carbon cost of hosting; How to make suitable choices for events; Marketing strategy that’s good for the planet and your bottom line.

Action: Create a list of content ideas around sustainability to be explored by the end of 2023:

  • Measure and review our impacts and actions at board and management level.