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Cost effective solutions, designed specifically to help start-ups compete and grow through the use of impactful marketing communications.

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All start-ups are unique, but they face many similar challenges. Chief amongst those is how to succeed against established competition when, as a start-up, they don’t have the same scale, budget or heritage.

To overcome this challenge, a start-up’s marketing activity needs to work especially hard. However, often all the brain power and effort in a start-up goes into developing and refining the product or service itself and not developing the brand and how to communicate its benefits to a prospective customer. 

Start-up Marketing Strategy Development
Your business strategy sets out what you want to achieve in the long term and how you are going to get there. You’ve developed a kick-ass product or service and have confidence that there is a market out there. But many startups fail to fully consider their marketing strategy. Who to target and how to target them, how to articulate your proposition and as well as how to measure success. We will work with you to set out the best approach you can take to reach your targets, by developing: 
  • Target personas and market segments
  • Define an approach and core proposition 
  • Create a marketing activity delivery plan
Start-up Brand in a Box
To bake a brand you need the right ingredients, we will work with you to design and develop all you need to create a strong professional brand for your business.  
This would include:
  • Logo pack
  • Outline visual style
  • Key messages
  • Photography styles
  • Typography 
  • Example treatments of the brand (e.g. email newsletter, banner ad, etc)
Start-up Email Pro
Email marketing is still a fundamental part of any businesses communications activity but it remains something that many start-ups fail to utilise fully.  We will work with you to create a professionally branded HTML email template and set up an account on our eBuild platform, so you can start email marketing to your customer and prospects mailing list immediately. Once the template is set up you can send and manage the email account directly and you’ll only pay for the emails you send. 
Start-up Website
As a start-up businesses, you may not need a large or complex site, but a professional digital ‘shop window’ is essential if you are to be taken seriously. Professional design, intuitive navigation and clean functionality will go a long way to persuade prospective customers that your business is one that they can trust. We will use over 20 years’ web development experience to bring the very best UX and web design expertise to your project at a price that your business can afford. See examples of recent similar projects: www.propellerlaw.co.uk and www.oldbondstore.com 
Start-up Presenter Toolkit 
Professional PowerPoints - You need what’s on screen to look as professional as you do. If your presentation looks cheap, so do you. We will work with you to develop your presentation slides and create a professional template that you can apply to all your future presentations.
Presentation coaching - If the thought of presenting your idea leaves you in a cold sweat or you simply want to learn how to more clearly articulate your brilliant idea, we will work with you to ensure you shine and get the key point said.
Outsourced CMO for Start-ups
Possibly the most expensive and risky activity any small business can do is to take on staff, especially at a senior level. To minimise that risk, and still benefit from the experience and know-how of senior voice, we offer an outsourced option to help you strategically steer your marketing efforts. Using over 25 years’ experience of working with start-ups, SMEs and large corporate clients, we will support your business's development by advising you and directing your marketing. This is an ongoing process with a minimum 6-month programme. This would be delivered through monthly meetings (or Zoom calls), where we consult on strategy and advise on the ongoing delivery of your marketing activity.


As a partner of Venturefest South, we’ve helped to establish a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors and we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact these businesses make on the fiscal and intellectual health of the region. That’s why we have decided to create a pick and mix selection of cost-effective solutions, designed specifically to help start-ups compete and grow through the use of impactful marketing communications.

So, grab your metaphorical scoop and pick your tastiest mix of marketing solutions:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand in a Box
  • Email marketing
  • Web Design/Development
  • Presenter Toolkit
  • Outsourced CMO

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