No fly-tipping at Carswell Gould!

We’re no angels, nor do we claim to be perfect examples of ethical, green, vegan marketeers.

But we are citizens of the world and we care about our work. So we try to do the ‘right thing’ more often. Our clients rely on us to guide their efforts, thinking and marketing. It’s therefore important we inspire better choices for them, their audience and for the world around us. We can all do good things and make wise choices for our marketing if we choose to.  

To guide our efforts as responsible, forward-thinking marketers with an eye on the future, we have created some principals.

  • Trust is central to our quest to make better work 
  • We champion the delivery of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ as a route towards a better world for all - check out our ‘leadership for SDGs proposition’ now.
  • We prefer to work with clients whose ethos is comparable to our own
  • We don't stand still. We seek positive change and new ideas even if that's harder
  • We focus on ‘Paper - Less’ strategies and ideas.  High-quality print items only and tie all print to digital channels
  • Stay close, remotely. Making great work comes from lots of engagement with our teams, our clients and their audiences
  • Rather than depending on face-to-face monthly meetings, let’s all speak together more often using online tools
  • We ask ourselves “Do we really need to travel for that meeting?”
  • Use our head - think about the impact of the work we make, from the recipient's point of view, their world and their environment
  • Be interested, inquisitive and creative at every turn - find better solutions 
  • We only produce meaningful messages - saying less, saying it clearly and keeping it relevant 
  • Smart procurement. We stay lean and don't consume more than we need to fuel our marketing solutions
  • Make a mark, not a footprint. We aim to produce highly impactful communication, while balancing its cost in terms of a carbon footprint
  • Not only a question of nature, but also nurture. We share insights, ideas and solutions to empower our clients to make better choices 



If you hold similar values close to your heart then maybe we should connect and work together

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