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Amy Grinstead

Amy Grinstead

Senior Account Manager

Published Friday 17th October 2014

Work experience at Carswell Gould agency
Copywriting + Press and public relations + Events + Press releases + Blog posts

I'm heading towards the climax of my time at Carswell Gould so what would I say I have learnt?


Ed takes his coffee black and a sugar;

Lauren likes her tea with milk and half a sugar;

The whole PR team really likes chocolate biscuits, so much so that I often do two biscuit runs a day;

and where the nearest Tesco is.

I'm just kidding.

This stint of work experience at a busy, integrated marketing agency has been invaluable.

With career talks at my university assuming an English Language and Linguistics student must only want to become a teacher, a speech therapist or a journalist, I left university slightly at a loss. What's a girl to do when she knows she's okay at writing, likes talking to people but doesn't know the first thing about getting into PR and Marketing?

You email Carswell Gould and offer to walk the office dog in return for a few weeks work experience.

From day one I was treated as a part of the team. I was tasked with writing press releases, blog posts for the CG website and asked to contribute to meetings. I have proofread, phoned contacts looking for quotes and researched details for the execs. I even attended events with the CG team, including an open evening for a local college and a press call at the Grand Harbour Southampton. You think that's fancy? I also had to call Harrods. Now that's fancy.

Every day at an agency is different. So much so, I don't think one blog post could cover every single thing I have done and learnt in the past three weeks. As I flick through my notebook, I'm reminded of more and more - what about the afternoon I spent trying to find silver balloons in the shape of pound signs (spoiler alert: they don't exist) or the two hours looking for someone to sell me 500 orange ping pong balls in the centre of London?

Being surrounded by the creative PR team has been a lesson in itself. Just absorbing the working day and overhearing conversations has hopefully prepared me a little bit more for a career in PR.

Everyone is more than glad to help me out and offer advice. The whole atmosphere of the office is very much centred on learning from each other, with guidance and ideas coming from every member of the CG team.

In fact, I've been so busy learning; I've forgotten my promise to walk the dog. Sorry Scamp. 

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