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Always keen to help our clients succeed in all areas of marketing their businesses, Carswell Gould sent art director, Rob Harris to attend the UX Conference in London.

At the end of a fully-packed day the team emerged full of inspiration and insight, and ready to put all this new knowledge into action.

In true designer style, Rob put his thoughts onto paper to produce Carswell Gould's top ten tips for successful UX.

1. Don't make the user think, all pages should be self-evident.

2. Make everything clickable obvious, from buttons and links to entry points.

3. Ensure your homepage is digestible within five seconds.

4. Your website should be easy to use and understand.

5. Break your website content into clearly defined sections, this helps web users who typically skim read find what they're looking for.

6. Don't make your users search for a search bar, frustrated users will use the search function as a last resort to find what they want.

7. Lead your users throughout your site with strong calls to action.

8. Throw out any filler text or content.

9. Monitor your site performance with analytics to remove pain points for users.

10. Ensure your site is mobile responsive, not only will your users punish you, Google will too!


Find out more about the UX Conference below, and hopefully we'll see you at the next one! 




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