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In June, Culture Southampton asked us to help it with the launch of a new, unique two-day conference to explore, debate and further the cause of culture in Southampton. The aim of the event was to galvanise support from within the city and recognise the value of embedding culture into the future ambitions of Southampton. 
Carswell Gould was tasked with helping to develop the marketing and branding plan of attack to create the overall look and messaging for the event and ensuring good media coverage including photography and film.
The conference was a huge success, really well attended and inspired a lot of interesting discussions and debates amongst leading figures in the city and the wider local community. Keynote speaker and former chair of Hull City of Culture, Rosie Millard OBE, also delivered an inspiring speech that painted a vision for the future of a city like Southampton and what it takes to achieve it. 
It was great to see many of the conversations continue online as well. During the event, #CulturalCity reached 94,475 accounts and made 168,730 impressions on Twitter. 
Gill Gould, said: 
“We are so proud of our city and it was brilliant to feel the atmosphere and hear the positive response to this event, which we believe is going to be the catalyst for a powerful drive to raise awareness to Southampton's cultural offering.”

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