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Gareth Miller

Gareth Miller

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Published Thursday 20th June 2019

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Carswell Gould is delighted to be joining The Business Magazine as its marketing partner for the inaugural South Coast Tech Awards, which will celebrate our region’s brightest and most successful tech innovators.


The Business Magazine is the leading voice of business in the south, showcasing regional businesses and giving them the recognition they deserve through editorial and events.


The latest feather in its cap is the South Coast Tech Awards, which celebrate the South Coast’s greatest technology focussed businesses and individuals, and demonstrate how significant their impact has been to the region’s economy.


We sat down with Lucinda Lamont from The Business Magazine to learn more about how the South Coast Tech Awards will benefit businesses in the region.


1. Could you tell us more about the South Coast Tech Awards?


The Business Magazine is first and foremost a publication for regional business events, news and views, but we also organise a lot of events across the South Coast and Thames Valley.


What we found was that people were travelling from the south to attend the Thames Valley Tech Awards, as well as there being lots of nominations from the South Coast. That caused us to look more into this region and, as there was nothing else like it happening, we decided to take ownership, seize the opportunity and launch the South Coast Tech Awards.


2. The Business Magazine has been running its Tech Awards in the Thames Valley for a couple of years. Why do you feel that now is the most suitable time to launch them in this region?


We have to keep an eye on trends and what’s important, as well as regions which are growing or aren’t growing. We found that along the South Coast especially, property and tech were growing areas of interest.


There wasn’t anything like it before and we felt like there needed to be - there is a lot of interest in it. Bournemouth in particular is an established tech hub, Southampton is one of the fastest growing and Portsmouth has a large number of high tech, high growth businesses within its boundaries.


3. Who can enter the South Coast Tech Awards and how can they do this?


There are many categories and they are all on the website. Each category has a short bio describing who it is most suitable for, which will be specific to that category. For example, Tech Start-Up is one category, High Growth Tech Business is another and so is South Coast Tech Company. Each appeal to very different businesses.


4. What are you hoping to achieve through the Tech Awards?


What The Business Magazine tries to do is highlight and celebrate success to keep the momentum going. I think one of the reasons we wanted to do the Tech Awards was to try and get Southampton, Bournemouth and Portsmouth to communicate with each other a bit more, which isn’t an easy task. I feel that by celebrating tech in particular, we will get a nomination from each of those areas and bring businesses in the South Coast region closer together.


5. What’s the key difference between the Thames Valley Tech Awards and the South Coast Tech Awards?


In many ways they are similar, however we host them in different regions because there are different businesses in each region. We started with awards in Thames Valley because it is close to London, and a very different business market there than it is down south. I do think it will be a different experience in the South Coast region.

For more information about the South Coast Tech Awards, including how to apply, please visit

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