Kickstarting the new year with new clients and a prestigious award win

Gareth Miller - 26th January 2022

We have recently welcomed two prestigious new clients on board – Catax and South Midlands Communications (SMC), both renowned companies in their own field. 

Our team of intergrated marketing specialists will provide marketing support for Catax, specialists for Capital Allowances, Research and Development and Patent Box tax relief. 

Catax, which has offices in Manchester, London, Scotland and the Channel Islands, has been operating for the past 13 years and has delivered more than £407m in claims to its clients. It connected with us at last year’s highly successful Venturefest South event where it was promoting its research and development tax relief services to innovators and small businesses. 

We’re delighted to be working with the team at Carswell Gould, with a view to using their marketing talents to help raise awareness of our specialist tax relief benefits to businesses at a national level.

~ Paul Foley, Sales Director, Catax

Carswell Gould’s team is working with South Midlands Communications (SMC), global experts in fixed and portable masts and antennas, to support its marketing efforts, including bringing many new products to market, beginning with SMC Ultralock and SMC Bumblebee. 

A leading UK manufacturer, headquartered in Hampshire, SMC also has bases in North America, and distributor relationships covering Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It specialises in communications solutions for a number of worldwide industries including Military, Emergency Services, Broadcast and Commercial. 

We are very excited to launch these new and unique masts to a global audience and welcome Carswell Gould’s expertise to support us with its integrated marketing services.

~ Andrew Bendzak, Director of Client Relationships, SMC

Gareth Miller said: “We are thrilled to welcome Catax and SMC as client partners with Carswell Gould. Our team of integrated marketing specialists are looking forward to working with both companies on their exciting projects throughout 2022 and to help drive their business growth through transformational creative marketing solutions. 

“As marketers, we believe human-to-human connections are crucial in all types of business. We’re inspired by these interactions, which bring clarity, collaboration and creativity – all key components for the marketing success we deliver for our clients.” 

We are also proud to announce that it has received the accolade of SME News Business Elite ‘Most Outstanding Marketing Communications Agency – 2022, Hampshire’. 

Creative Director Ed Gould said: “What a great way to start the year – Carswell Gould is thrilled to be recognised as Business Elite’s most outstanding marketing communications agency in Hampshire and is now part of a nationwide programme of the highest-performing SMEs in the UK. 

“This award is a positive recognition of the hard work put in by each and every person in the Carswell Gould collective. I want to thank all our core team and our wider collaborators who together have helped make marketing connect for our client partners last year. We look forward to a successful year ahead.”

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