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Amy Grinstead

Amy Grinstead

Senior Account Manager

Published Wednesday 15th October 2014

Carswell Gould designed the Date Escape app
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They’ve created award-nominated campaigns to try and land themselves a date.

And now CG’s designers and programmers are filling up the trophy cabinet once more, having created an app to help singletons get out of awkward dates.

Phil, Jackson, Tom and Dan took part in the third annual PubHack event in Portsmouth, where designers and programmers compete against one another to solve problems through technology in just a few hours.

This year’s brief was ‘awkward situations’ and, perhaps inspired by CG’s award-nominated campaign from earlier this year, Creative Dates, the team designed an app to tackle the problem of getting out of an awkward date.

The Date Escape app provides the user with excuses sent to their phone to allow them to leave, ranging from a minor housemate emergency to a house on fire. If a date is being particularly persistent, the ingenious app will turn to desperate measures, texting the date a warning from the police to avoid you at all costs, even including your Twitter profile photo as evidence.

Team members Tom McLean, Phil Bennett, Jackson Willis and Daniel Evans created the dating tool in under 10 hours and also created a full advertising and social media campaign to promote the app. They bombarded their fellow hackers and friends with humorous tweets throughout the event to catch the eye of judges.

Their efforts paid off, because as well as picking up the ‘best design’ award, the team was shortlisted for the ‘best overall’ award.

Phil Bennett, Web Team Lead at Carswell Gould, said:

“Coming together as experts in each area of marketing and developing creative ideas to a fixed brief is what we thrive on at Carswell Gould. Getting to do it in a hackathon environment, with a pub as an office and pitting ourselves against other developers, gives it an added element of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed working on Date Escape.

“Creating apps that get people out of dates might not be something we do for our clients when we get back to the office but they’ll certainly benefit from our boost in creativity and teamwork!”

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