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Emma Huskins

Emma Huskins

Senior Account Executive

Published Monday 21st May 2018

Award winning + Making and shaping brands + Marketing strategy and advisory

We’re jumping for joy here at Carswell Gould after winning four awards in one week by scoring a hat trick at the Hermes Creative Awards and landing our first Purple Apple Marketing Award!

We took home three Hermes Creative Awards for our client, John Mason International Movers, which included a platinum award in the ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ category for our Angel of the North Australia Day stunt, a platinum award in the ‘Content Campaign’ category for our Iain Lee video campaign, and a gold award in the ‘PR Campaign’ category for our ‘Kids’ View of the World’ campaign. This follows a double win for Carswell Gould at the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards.

The international awards recognises the work of creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials, marketing and communication programs, and emerging technologies.

We also won a Purple Apple Marketing Merit in the ‘Events’ category at the Purple Apple Awards for our client, Port Solent’s 2017 Comic Con event marketing strategy. The prestigious Purple Apple Marketing Awards was held recently at The Brewery in London. It is a ceremony that recognises and rewards effective shopping and town centre marketing.



To promote Comic Con, we executed a totally integrated marketing and PR campaign. We used a multichannel approach to raise awareness of the event, utilising PR, social media and radio advertising alongside the geo-targeted mobile advertising and billboard campaigns that we had already set running to raise overall awareness of Port Solent. We even sent out one of our Account Executives dressed as Mr Incredible to hand-deliver media invitations to print and broadcast press.

To promote John Mason International Movers we worked with its internal marketing team on three projects; one for Australia Day, one for promoting emigration to Australia and one for to highlight the thoughts of John Mason’s youngest customers.


John Mason International likes to celebrate Australia Day every year in style, so this year, we brought celebrations home to the north by hijacking the Angel of the North with a 15ft cork hat and Happy Australia Day projection. The stunt resulted in national coverage in The Times, Daily Mail and PR week; reaching over 3,400,000 people with an advertising equivalent value of £60,270. Social media activity for the stunt resulted in a reach of over 52,800. We also created a behind-the-scenes video of the stunt implementation, which achieved over 9,200 views.


We are absolutely delighted to have achieved so many award wins in the same week. The Purple Apple Marketing Awards is the most recognised event in the local retail industry and so we’re delighted with the win for Port Solent’s first Comic Con event, which set a new record for a single day with over 21,000 visitors.

Gareth Miller, Managing Director, Carswell Gould


To promote emigration to Australia we teamed up with jungle extraordinaire, Iain Lee, to create a video guide on moving downunder, following the recent popularity of ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’. The series of playful videos include ‘Leave It Out’, which gives tips on what you can and can’t take with you downunder, ‘Blind Tucker Challenge’, where UK and Australian food goes head-to-head, and ‘strawberry-gate two’, where the cheeky Iain Lee is caught on camera munching on his beloved strawberries. The videos were a success, creating a traction of 52,869 total views.

We’ve also been working hard throughout the year to create engaging and unique campaigns to inform customers of John Mason International Movers’ services, and the three Hermes Creative Awards are great recognition of these efforts.

Gareth Miller, Managing Director, Carswell Gould


The ‘Kids’ View of the World’ video and PR campaign, which won the gold award, aimed to highlight some of the views of John Mason’s youngest customers in a fun and playful manner. We created a fun video, interviewing some of the children at a local nursery on their views of different countries across the world, which received over 60,200 views. Alongside this we conducted a survey of 2,000 children across the UK, which resulted in discovering the majority of six to 11 year olds in the UK associate Donald Trump with America over conventional icons such as the Statue of Liberty or Walt Disney World. We released these statistics in the form of regional and national press releases, which went down well, featuring in the Daily Mail and The Spectator and other regional titles.



To view the full ‘Kids’ View of the World’ campaign, visit:

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