Will innovation in AI mean the extinction of your marketing team?

Gareth Miller - 4th October 2019

Machine learning is the process of computers repeating tasks over and over again in order to ‘learn’ from its previous attempts and get better at what it’s trying to achieve.

Computers will read and analyse patterns from previous attempts to make the next attempt better.

That learning process is constantly evolving so although it may only apply to simpler tasks for now, it could be used for more complicated things in the future. While an AI could struggle with the more creative tasks, it’s the ability to do things such as analytics or prediction models will be invaluable and is where machine learning is currently being put to good use.

People buy from people because people are relatable; AI is not. People have the power to influence. People can be creative and write creative content. People also have the power to inspire and be sociable. Marketing is a creative industry, and creativity is the last bastion for humans.

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