Why inbound marketing is an important ingredient for strategic planning

Hannah Bergman-Brown - 18th May 2020

Why inbound marketing is an important ingredient for strategic planning.

Mass email marketing is no longer effective. We now decide for ourselves what we want to buy, who to buy from and whether we want to be marketed to, or not.

So, that’s why we have embraced inbound marketing and it’s proving its effectiveness for our clients time and again. Inbound marketing activity binds together, in one cohesive automated workflow, long-form content, social media, SEO, email marketing, landing pages, gated content, contact forms for lead harvesting. This then automates follow-up activity joining the dots for future, highly targeted messaging and sales activity. Crucially, the detailed information it provides to sales teams about a prospect means that sales and marketing operate as one.

Inbound marketing focuses on drawing in customers and visitors, not interrupting them with unwanted promotions and content.

Instead of pushing a service or product in customers’ faces, engaging content is created to allay doubts upfront and clearly set out the benefits, opening up the opportunities and inspiring your customers and prospects.

Once your workflow is set up you have a fully automated ongoing campaign. You will never again forget to nurture your existing customers and hot leads, while you fish for more. The key to any campaign is sending customers relevant information at the right time. Lead nurturing now becomes your most important marketing strategy because it helps you convert your inbound traffic into sales opportunities.

At this moment we are delivering a European inbound marketing strategy with full creative content for Rentokil Initial. This large and multilingual campaign meant effort went first into clearly understanding the diverse target market, in order to create and write topical issues to resonate and engage effectively with each of their regions’ customers.  

Blending this content with our partner, Hubspot’s inbound software enables our client’s Europe wide marketing teams to collaborate, share assets and approach. In addition, it gives each team a highly measurable tool from which to run all activity. One truly cost-effective, awesome, automated campaign running seamlessly throughout twelve different countries.

We hope, reading this, you think inbound marketing could be a huge value to your business too. Do please get in touch if you would like to chat this through and discuss how we can use inbound marketing to help grow your business. 

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