A fairytale by Carswell Gould “The value of storytelling in marketing”

Ed Gould - 16th April 2024

A fairytale by Carswell Gould

“In a land not too far from here, there was a fairy godmother named CeeGee, radiant and wise, dwelling in realms of enchantment. Meanwhile, in the bustling world below, Molly the Marketing Director grappled with her duties, weary and disheartened from her recent marketing endeavours. “We just aren’t seeing the customer engagement and loyalty we were hoping for” she sighed, staring at her monthly report, now a screen of sorrows.  

As Molly the Marketing Director pondered over her predicament, a shimmer of light danced through her office, materialising into CeeGee, with a twinkle in her eye. “Fret not, dear Molly” she chimed, floating closer with an air of mystery. “I have brought you a magical concoction.” CeeGee, presented Molly the Marketing Director with a glittering bottle labelled ‘Storytelling’, its contents sparkling with untold possibilities.  

Molly the Marketing Director, puzzled yet intrigued, looked up. “What’s storytelling, and how is this going to help me?” she asked, her curiosity piqued.  

“Just a few drops of this into your strategy will do wonders. If a person is engaged by a brand’s narrative, 55% are more inclined to buy the product or service in the future, 44% will share the narrative, and 15% will purchase the product on the spot, but remember, you MUST weave your first tale by midnight, or the magic will vanish,” CeeGee cautioned, her words echoing with a blend of warning and promise.  

Molly the Marketing Director, filled with a newfound sense of hope, eagerly accepted the challenge. With the magic of storytelling at her fingertips, she crafted narratives that breathed new life into her brand. She wove tales of adventure, dreams, and heartfelt moments that resonated deeply with her audience.  

And then, as if CeeGee had foreseen, something miraculous occurred. The once distant and disengaged customers were now engaged with the brand they once overlooked. They now saw themselves in her stories, felt the pulse of genuine connection, and eagerly shared their newfound treasure with others.  

By midnight, Molly the Marketing Director’s first story had not only been told but had begun its journey across the hearts and minds of her audience. 

And so, Molly the Marketing Director learned that in the power of storytelling lies the ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, to turn spectators into loyal customers, and to create a bond that transcends the transactional—a magic that lasts well beyond midnight.”

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