New World Marketing – Live!

Hannah Bergman-Brown - 24th June 2020

If you’ve read our New World Marketing guide, you’ll know that we’ve been exploring the question of ‘What are the smartest marketing moves we can make in tough times?’

Carswell Gould’s Managing Director, Gareth Miller and Creative Director, Ed Gould led a live webinar on Thursday 18 June which drew upon marketing lessons learned by the agency over three decades (including two recessions), current industry insight and Carswell Gould’s own predictions for the future of marketing.

The webinar attracted more than 50 attendees who all received recommendations and practical steps for their businesses to evolve their marketing to succeed in the new normal.

If you weren’t able to make the live webinar, don’t worry! You can watch it right here:

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Listen to the podcast on the move by clicking here.

Or, read the key takeaways below:

1. Shift your efforts to digital

If you haven’t, you must switch your efforts to digital marketing and consider using inbound marketing. It uses your own channels, nurtures every person with intelligence and drives a discipline for your marketing to send out comms which makes sense to your customers.

2. Measure everything

Each stage of coming out of lockdown is changing behaviours and will have an impact on communicating effectively with your market, measuring everything is key.

3. Nurture every connection

You might not be able to sell anything to your customers right now but nurturing your database and connections during this time is essential. Focus on what you can control not what you can’t like outdoor events/media.

4. Do the right thing

Now more than ever, doing the right thing is important. The last few months have taught us to be a bit more human to each other. It could be seen as brand play but we think it’s doing the right thing.

5. Ongoing employee communications for productivity

It’s tough when you’re not with each other but finding a way to keep the conversation going is crucial. Many businesses will not go back to the office environment, so use this as an opportunity to get it right.

6. Marketing budgets

The majority of delegates on the webinar said that their marketing budget has remained the same during the pandemic, what about yours? Is it time to re-think? You might need to recalculate in the current climate but ensure you keep 10% for communications, it is vital.

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