How in-person human connections are irreplaceable, now and forever

Lizzie Walker-Arnott - 18th November 2021

The energy and trust we build from social interactions have long been at the core of successful team building, collaborations and the creation of incredible outcomes.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that technology is a wonderful thing, but in-person interactions cannot be replaced. But why exactly are these face-to-face interactions so important? And how can these types of relationships be nurtured for years to come?

The importance of human connections

Believe it or not, we are social animals. While technology has brought us together more than ever, it also detached us from the world and the real situations around us.

It has become easy to speak to someone on the other side of the world, while sitting in a room of friends and family. In business, these human connections are crucial for a number of reasons. In this article, we explore how connections can be made and maintained.

Stronger, longer lasting relationships

No matter what industry you’re in, networking can help to grow your client base, expand your knowledge and widen your professional network. When you stand in a room with like-minded individuals, who knows what you may learn.

For some time now, face-to-face networking has been replaced with the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. While we may all be more physically comfortable sitting at home, wearing our slippers and sipping on a cup of tea, there are some things we miss out on during virtual networking.

Like many businesses, Zoom was a real game-changer for us during the pandemic. Being able to switch from meeting in real life to virtual meetings, literally overnight, enabled us to keep productivity high and maintain good communications with our clients around the globe. It’s evolved how we do business forever.

However, the type of business we are means that we thrive off the human connections we make, and being able to spontaneously riff off each other’s creative ideas. We’re inspired by the chance ‘collisions’ that a face-to-face environment brings. I believe this is a key component of our long term success and that of our clients. So, we now want to have our cake and eat it – and we can. We can use Zoom tactically to be more efficient and more flexible in the way we work, and we can meet face-to-face when we need the inspiration that a virtual meeting cannot bring.” 

~ Gareth Miller, Managing Director – Carswell Gould

There are many advantages to networking in-person. Not only can you read the room, but you can also quickly interpret the body language of the person standing in front of you. These signals are only possible in-person – requiring you to be reactive and responsive. This type of face-to-face interaction can most definitely feel more honest and transparent than virtual events, leading to stronger relationships that are built to last.

A more personable approach

There are some things you simply cannot experience the same during virtual events. For starters, atmosphere is everything.

Recently, during Venturefest South 2021, we saw some incredible entrepreneurs eager to showcase their work, ideas and developments during Open Mic. Getting honest and constructive feedback means everything in this type of situation, with judges and audience members able to pitch in with questions and queries at the drop of a hat.

carswell gould venturefest south

Online, this would be made incredibly difficult. Reading the room has never been more important than in Open Mic. Plus, it is far easier to show your amazing personality when you meet people in person. Sadly, technology can never quite replace that personal touch!

Events such as VFS21 bring together innovative businesses and individuals from all industries, to an environment that is fit for creative networking, casual conversations and pitching.

Thanks for having Donater at #VFS21, it was a really positive event and it was great to be back out in person. I really appreciated your enthusiastic presentation and ability to get the room engaged.

~ Steve Cross

Collaboration opportunities

Social media is great for speaking to other business owners across the world. Whether it’s swapping ideas and promoting services, or offering help and advice, social media never stops moving. 

However, an email or DM sent in minutes doesn’t quite have the same impact as conversation in person, does it? The opportunity to bounce off the other person’s response can help you both quickly discover new opportunities for discussion that may be left behind in a static, email response.

Getting your name out there

In-person events aren’t just for the big fish seeking new clients, but also for those looking to build a personal brand, kick off a start-up project and increase industry connections. The aim is to become the go-to expert or consultant in your niche. 

Getting yourself out there, both on social media and in-person can make all of the difference. The act of getting out there and having conversations – and making connections – matters.

How are we building human connections?

Here at Carswell Gould, we have also been put through our paces during the pandemic to remain connected both as a team when working remotely, and also in the way we remain in touch with our clients. 

Through the Carswell Gould Collective, we are bringing together marketing professionals who are experts in their field, looking to do their best work with CG’s core team. This not only means we can offer a wider range of expertise to our clients, but we can also build upon our connections with likeminded creatives in our industry.

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