How we can help you ‘Show Some Love’ to your marketing

Hannah Bergman-Brown - 2nd February 2024

Now more than ever, we think it’s important that we all Show Some Love. That’s why our amazing team at Carswell Gould have given our ever popular Show Some Love content a spruce up just in time for Valentine’s Day. You can check out the feature below or head over to our ‘love hub’ here.

When push comes to shove, we don’t think you’ll find a better bunch of marketers, creatives and technologists to work with on new ideas than our guys at Carswell Gould.

So, here are ten ways which they can help you show your marketing activity some love right now.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Things have changed a lot in marketing of late and it can be hard seeing the wood from the trees. Often, having an experienced and trusted sounding board or critical friend can make all the difference. We act as exactly that for a range of marketing directors, boards and businesses around the world and across sectors to ensure marketing communications are focused and aligned, getting in touch is as simple as starting a conversation today.

Get creative in your campaigning

It’s time to put some love into your campaign strategy and creativity. In a crowded market, a Carswell Gould creative campaign could be the difference between grabbing your audience’s attention and getting lost in the noise. We have developed a new way to create knockout campaigns, which is kind of a big thing around here (and in our clients businesses). It is unique, proven and drives measurable results – best of all it can scale to suit your expectation for investment, reach and reward. Internal marketing teams LOVE this working too, as it tools them up with the assets and approach so they can be involved in delivery. So, if you’re worried about how you are ‘getting out there’ at the moment , let’s plan a Campaign in a Box.

Launch that new initiative with some umpfffffff

Launching a new brand, product or service is one of the most exciting things you can do – but anyone in this business knows it can be a delightful journey, or a total disaster! The steps we take, the way we work and the understanding are vital. That’s why the process and everything from branding, communications, creative and campaigning needs a lot of love and attention. Create a buzz and spread the love far and wide for your new product or service with a knockout PR strategy and engaging digital marketing campaign to create excitement among your target audience, weeks or even months before launch.

Turbo charge your content 

How well do you know the audience you’re creating content for? Let’s talk buyer personas, every brand has them, but does your content relate to their needs, wants, loves and hates?  One we help you do that, our team can shape new content marketing strategies that really do the business and connect on a deeper level. Putting some love into your content creation, making sure you’re showing your brand’s personality, and using SEO to capture what your audience is looking for, can make all the difference between a great piece of content and just another blog post.

Get digital… really, really, really digital 

With consumer behaviour travelling in one digital direction, now is the perfect time to adopt new digital marketing technologies and to reassess how you make, shape, deploy and measure your marketing. Digital transformation is the biggest activity driven in a corporate environment. From a marketing perspective, key to this is integration of systems and analytics, solid inbound marketing technology and CRM and stonking online comms channels. Our tech team is well versed in every level of the challenge working with multinational corporations through to ambitious started ups – we focus on tech stack and strategy. Done right, we will bring your business closer to its customers, make your team more efficient and their work more effective (which they will love you for).

Solve your events and engagement woes 

Most businesses of scale – especially in the world of B2B – have faced challenges around converting established events programmes into effect audience engagement this year. As we set out in our NEW WORLD MARKETING feature, transforming established events calendars into effective online and hybrid engagement is not as simple as switching on Zoom. We can help clients deliver experiences online that don’t just compete on the old but actually improve outcomes whether that be a perfectly shaped symposium for a few carefully selected influencers of a multinational built timezone hybrid event for thousands.

Refresh and revive your brand 

Is your brand in need of a little tender lover care? Sometimes change can be a good thing, and especially when the world in which it works has changed so much. If your brand has outgrown its effectiveness and you’re struggling to stand out from the crowd, we think it’s time for a change. A brand refresh is in no way a complete rebrand (which we can help you with if that’s what you’re after), it’s an opportunity to update and build on your brand that is already known and loved by your customers.

Tell your story better 

Spread the love even further by implementing a strategic press and public relations plan. With the help of great story-telling, social media, press releases, and connections with the media, we’re able to help our clients to keep their business front of mind with their customers and nurture, develop and protect their brand. If you want to know more let’s start a conversation today.

We can help you fall in love with your CRM again (and improve inbound and automation) 

We know it can feel like a chore to maintain your CRM regularly with accurate data, that’s why we recommend investing in a marketing automation software to make your data work harder. Using a software like HubSpot, can seamlessly connect your marketing and CRM. Contact records can be automatically updated and with tools that notify you the minute a prospect opens your email, clicks a certain link or visits your website, you’ll have all need to follow up with the right leads at the right time.

Let us take care of everything 

Do you love the sound of all of these ideas but don’t know where to start with implementing them into your marketing strategy? If you’re all out of love with the way you do things at present and you want to inject some fresh thinking and delivery, then get in touch. Let us know what works for you and if you want to outsource some or all of your marketing, web and creative function. We offer 30 years, award winning capability and experience (and a whole lotta love), and the flexibility and expertise you need to run a successful and fully functioning marketing department, without the expense and risk required to resource all of this in-house.

We know we said 10 but we love you so much, here’s one for free!

New World Marketing is as much a mission as a framed work – we are continually developing our approach, and the latest incarnation of how to make good things happen in tough times might be just the kick up the bum your marketing function needs. You can download your copy here for free and the worst thing that could make you happy is that some of your thinking is validated or confirmed, so grab a copy now. 

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