How to choose the right social media platform for your business

Ed Gould - 20th March 2015

There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to choosing social media platforms for your business, and it’s easy to feel daunted and overwhelmed by the options.

Our social media experts have compiled a list of their favourites, along with some ways they can be put to best use for your business.


The most widely used of all social media, Facebook is ideal for consumer-facing businesses. While it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach audiences organically on Facebook, paying for a well-targeted advert or promoted post can do wonders in seeing big results on a social media campaign.


Twitter is quite possibly our favourite social media platform. It can be cleverly utilised to drive users towards websites and apps, as well as being a fantastic tool for joining in conversations that are relevant to your business. Use a tool like Hootsuite alongside Twitter to schedule your tweets and keep on the pulse of your industry.


YouTube’s platform is bigger than many people realise, and its ad targeting tool is one of most precise we’ve seen. Create snappy, engaging videos for your business or put together one of the most searched-for type of content: the mighty how-to video.


A presence on LinkedIn is an absolute must for B2B companies and those reaching professional services. Keep your company page up to date with news, long-form posts and create a showcase page to target your products and services at certain audiences.


As a social media site we could lose hours of the day on, Pinterest is best suited for businesses with a very visual aspect, or anything that involves food or getting crafty. Pinterest users love to be inspired and will often save links to come back to later, making it a great way of driving traffic to your website.


Not just for selfies and photos of someone’s dinner, Instagram is a great platform for getting your products out there. Unleash your arty side and get playing with different filters. It’s also a great tool for showing behind the scenes at your business and allowing your customers to meet your team.


Vine is a video app with a twist: you only get six seconds of footage. These constraints force you to be creative and Vines can be used to show humour, products and tease at upcoming launches or announcements. Vine is owned by Twitter, and ideal for sharing on that platform.

Our team of social media supremos are proficient at tweaking and honing messages and content for each platform, and love nothing more than examining insights and analytics to get the best results for our clients. Take a look at some of our best work here.

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