How to use LinkedIn to generate more leads & sales in 2023

Hannah Bergman-Brown - 21st January 2023

Did you know that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with nearly 800 million members across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide? It has quickly grown into the number one website for business.

But if that isn’t enough to convince you why you should be utilising LinkedIn to generate more leads and sales in 2023, then keep reading because below we’ve put together our top five reasons why you should be including LinkedIn in your B2B marketing plan. Plus, we’re giving you free access to our Best Practice Guide to LinkedIn to show you how to optimise LinkedIn in your marketing.

Five reasons to use LinkedIn in your B2B marketing plan

From entry-level professionals to influencers and experienced decision-makers in your industry, almost everyone you would ever want to target is on LinkedIn. And in the B2B world, the most relevant place buyers and key decisions makers spend time and scrolling through is LinkedIn. Do you want to be out of the running because your company doesn’t have a presence on LinkedIn? 

1. Your audience are tuned in for business on LinkedIn

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, where you have to cut through the noise of people’s everyday lives, users are on LinkedIn to enrich their business lives. Whether you’re just showing up and sharing content, or you’re running ads, your company is showing up in a newsfeed full of industry news, advice, peer insights, and recommendations. 

So, your blog post or ad feels right at home because the context is perfect, your audience is expecting to see that kind of content, and they’re tuned into it on LinkedIn. Whether it’s a first touch or ongoing communication, your customer is already in the business space and mindset. 

2. Targeting 

LinkedIn targeting is really precise because most of their data comes directly from their users. When used correctly, this accurate and actionable data will get your company in front of your most valuable audience. 

3. Already know who you want to contact? 

Did you know that you can use your own data on LinkedIn when creating ads? Simply upload a list of email addresses, and LinkedIn will match those emails with user profiles. If your list matches more than 300 profiles, it will create a matched audience that you can use in LinkedIn campaigns. 

From this, you can also use the recently launched Lookalike Audience, you upload your customer list, and from there, you can create a lookalike audience. 

4. The right tool, at the right time

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach people organically on social channels; therefore, digital advertising and paid ads are among the best ways to reach many prospects. LinkedIn’s ad platform gives you everything you need to make sure your ads reach the right people whilst cost-effective.  

We especially love LinkedIn InMail. It works just like MailChimp and other email automated email platforms; however, it’s so much more effective because it only staggers the send and delivers the campaign to online users. This way, your message doesn’t get buried in an inbox or lost in a spam folder. Plus, it also results in great open rates!

5. Your employees are one of your greatest assets

But you already knew that! The potential of having your employees present on LinkedIn can be a great asset, as they can become spokespeople for your company. Plus, by having optimised profiles for your company and employees, you’ll see a boost to your SERPs visibility because Google also crawls LinkedIn. 

In addition, when an employee shares one of your company LinkedIn posts, your organic reach will be amplified. Like Facebook, company page posts rarely show up in the average user’s news feed. However, once someone shares your post, it will show up in more feeds. So, work with your employees and actively encourage them to share and engage with your content. 

Unsure about how to start optimising your LinkedIn and utilising it in your B2B marketing strategy? Then you’re in luck because we’ve created a quick best practice guide to LinkedIn, download your copy free here

Need some help with your LinkedIn? 

So, there you have it, with almost 800 million global members, LinkedIn has become the number one website for business. Do we have you convinced, and you’re ready to go with using LinkedIn for B2B marketing but need some support? Check out our Quick Best Practice Guide to LinkedIn here, or if you’re interested in more support, why not get in touch and someone from our expert team will be in touch shortly. 

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