Boxing clever, a creative new solution for your business’ digital marketing evolution

Ed Gould - 15th May 2020

Our new experience of everyone working remotely has clearly highlighted to businesses the importance of working slicker and with far greater flexibility. Traditional marketing has been turned on its head and our lives upside down. Many of us have recognised the hours gained, productivity heightened, stress lowered and expense saved in our lives through working from home. Research is now showing us how changes like this to our everyday lives have clearly impacted on time spent online. For work, we are Zoom meeting, networking, discussing.

Research is now showing us how changes like this to our everyday lives have clearly impacted on time spent online. For work, we are Zoom meeting, networking, discussing.

For leisure, we have turned to a growing breadth of superb online entertainment. The evidence points to our habits gained since March 2020.

According to IAB UK online activity for 18-24s has increased by 8% and over 55s up by 12%. Social networking, instant messaging and news sources experienced the biggest increase in minutes added. A total of 9 billion more minutes are spent on social media. 

Sparked by this knowledge, and conversations with our clients and colleagues, we explored the question  “what are the smartest moves to make in tough times?”  We planned,  plotted and trialled and believe we have cracked it, and want to share.

Campaign in a Box is our brand new approach to marketing campaigning. It’s certainly working well for us and for our clients. So, we wanted to give you a tantalising insight into how it works.

Working to a set pattern of thinking, idea development and asset creation we begin, as ever, by defining the compelling proposition.  From this we create the individual puzzle pieces, to make one whole targeted campaign. 

Campaign outputs or the puzzle pieces, as we call them, vary depending on our client’s business. Typically the box will include creative, messaging, emails, landing pages, copy and social media.  Thus,  you have a perfectly formed promotional campaign. However, your Box must also contain the clever strategic digital advertising plan to take your business out and introduce it to new audiences who are so vital to the growth of your business. 

It seems, at this perilous time, our Campaign in a Box is the ideal marketing strategy. Why?  Because it is flexibly designed for remote teams, who could be contributing and collaborating from anywhere in the country, or indeed the world, through our use of online tools and spaces like Adobe Creative Cloud and The campaign is carefully designed to be fast to produce and deliver, easy to understand and simple to activate, primarily using clients’ own channels.

Take a look at our latest two Campaigns in a Box. These have revolutionised our clients’ marketing and are both generating new leads, as we speak.

Carswell Gould WP Group Project
Carswell Gould Hexagon Project

You can see that, while the assets, messaging and creative are very different, the flow and approach follow a similar format specifically tailored for each client. By finding a flow that works and sticking to it we create a campaign to cover all the marketing angles, repeatedly and at pace. 

If this inspires you to explore further and discuss working with us to develop a Campaign in a Box for your business, we would love you to get in touch with us.

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