Digital Marketing Trend Predictions – Get the Best Out of 2023

Paige Burt - 13th January 2023

As we prepare to welcome in a new year, we are also getting ready for a whole new wave of marketing trends. Here are our 2023 marketing trend predictions to help you market your way through one more journey round the sun. 

‘Snackable’ video will become a dominant force in B2B marketing

‘Snackable’ video will become a dominant force in B2B marketing

The popularity and rate of consumption of bite-size video content is excelling with the continual rise and domination of TikTok. In every minute of 2022, 167M videos were watched on TikTok!

Short, snappy video content is such hit, that it isn’t just for B2C marketing, this one can even tackle the ever-tricky B2B question. LinkedIn has long been the social media choice for B2B world, and that isn’t about to change. This style of video content production has become increasingly popular on LinkedIn as the shift in consumer habits has changed.  

While this new wave of snackable, quick to digest content is a new message delivery avenue, it poses a threat to your brand engagement. The key to this, an irrefutable social media strategy. Consider where your customers are spending their time. We are all digesting more entertainment and information from digital channels from the shift to increased home working and boom in video content production.  

At Carswell Gould, we’re digital natives. We put technology and digital at the centre, driving your proposition forward, creating valuable engagement, increasing awareness and converting followers to advocates. Learn more about how we can help you reach your 2023 video content goals.

Businesses will put the employees front and centre of marketing activity

Personalisation of marketing will connect brand to customers in more human ways

AI automations and marketing go hand in hand. Automation and CMS tools allow marketers to understand, predict and anticipate customers and their needs. 2023 may see a shift in the mindset of marketing, from technical-based to anticipation.  
Development of automation activities will add extra efficiency to decision making processes, enabling even greater levels of personalisation. Relevance of personalising your content remains as we go into 2023. With hundreds and thousands of different marketing channels, conversations and feeds, consumers, now more than ever, want to feel special and individual.  

HubSpot is a great CRM and marketing automation tool to aid you in your personalisation needs through email and website and is achieved by use of consumer geolocation, previous site behaviour and more. The aim of personalisation is to provide an overall improved customer experience, on your site this could translate to longer session times, increased customer loyalty and potentially fulfilment of CTA’s.  

We partner with big tech brand including HubSpot, Salesforce, Drupal and many more and are trusted to help marketing directors and business leaders refine, designed and deliver functional marketing tech stacks, which consider automation and AI solutions. We plug these into websites, apps and operating software to help teams better connect the dots between tech, marketing and creative – you can find out more here.

Marketing Personalisation

Businesses will put the employees front and centre of marketing activity

The faces and identities of the people that fuel your business can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. It boosts brand awareness, increases engagement, starts conversations and gives your business and brand the verification it deserves. People like people, which is why influencer marketing is such a huge hit.  

When your employees put their social profiles next to your business and endorse it, in front of their friends, followers and potentially the world, it is one of the best validations that should not be disregarded.  

Taking a human approach makes the magic happen as it helps to form human connections. Human relationships are under attack, as the online world drives us into a new, reclusive way of life, it’s important at a time like now, we focus on saving that. 

We recently launched our Show Some Love initiative, to help the ‘humans’ inside marketers rekindle these special connections for their businesses. Here are 10 ways we can help you Show Some Love to your marketing.

Personalisation of marketing will connect brand to customers in more human ways

Marketing directors will need to employ new ways of managing mass campaign generation

Whether you’re a small or large business, the mass generation of quality content can’t always be achieved by your in-house team. There is an enormous wealth of knowledge, professionalism and experience that you gain access to by outsourcing your marketing to an agency. It is often the difference between little, slow progress and a substantial, continuous improvement resulting is sales, traffic and a boom in your businesses activities. 

Partnering can add weight, reach and impact to your marketing communications. It can also save money. This idea extends to businesses working together to share the cost of developing and delivering campaigns. Consider what businesses you could partner with for mutual bottom-line benefit and be open to exploring new ways of working with others. 

As an integrated team of marketing specialists who seamlessly align with your internal team, we operate as a highly valuable plug-in to enhance any in-house team’s skills and provide additional resource. Learn more about how we can help you get the best out of 2023.

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