The Show Must Go On: #VFS20 Virtual Briefing Success Story

One of the fastest-growing innovation communities in the UK, Venturefest South turned to Carswell Gould to make sure that its high levels of content and engagement were maintained. With the original date for the live #VFS20 Festival of Innovation being 27 March 2020, it was right at the start of the UK’s first national lockdown.

The event was moved to October 2020 in the hope that live events would be ‘back to normal’ by then. When it became clear a live event was not possible, Carswell Gould stepped up to make sure the show would go on and our virtual event experts delivered the #VFS20 Virtual Briefing.

Our Approach

We had to respond to the times we are in and the joy of being part of Venturefest South is that it’s all about innovation and thinking big. So, we worked together with the Venturefest South delivery team and its partners to coordinate the first-ever virtual Venturefest South event, the #VFS20 Virtual Briefing.

It was important to us to ensure the schedule was relevant and in-line with the needs of innovators, businesses and entrepreneurs at this moment in time. The interactive showcase explored all things innovation, opportunities, mentoring and funding and brought together a range of speakers and innovation advocates from BAE Systems, Solent LEP, Dstl, DASA, Carswell Gould, Joinmytown and more.

The Outcome

The #VFS20 event was set to be the most impressive yet, with over £100m of funding and investment opportunities confirmed, over 1,000 delegates signed up and unparalleled opportunities for innovators, investors and entrepreneurs. We harnessed all of our digital marketing and virtual event expertise to attract over 300 delegates to the event and it was a huge success.

To ensure the success of the #VFS20 Virtual Briefing, our team used a variety of creative marketing tactics. We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included brand development, content strategy, direct mail, events, email, web development, and stationery. We also collaborated closely with the Venturefest South delivery team and its partners to create a schedule that was relevant and in-line with the needs of innovators, businesses, and entrepreneurs at the time.

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