Promoting a more sustainable solution for deliveries in a major city centre

Cutting pollution and easing traffic congestion is a major issue for every urban centre across the globe. One practical solution that is being pioneered in Southampton is a centralised distribution centre on the outskirts of the city centre. The Sustainable Distribution Centre (SDC) is a partnership between Meachers Global Logistics and Southampton City Council, which aims to consolidate deliveries and reduce commercial traffic in the city centre.

The SDC has been established to address these issues by streamlining logistics and distribution processes for businesses in the region. The partnership commissioned Carswell Gould to raise awareness and generate leads for the SDC.

Our Approach

The main objective of the campaign was to build awareness and interest in the Sustainable Distribution Centre (SDC), which aims to consolidate deliveries and reduce commercial traffic in the city centre. Carswell Gould was tasked with driving traffic to the SDC’s online content, generating leads from public and private sector organisations in the region, and promoting the benefits of the SDC to the city’s environment and to prospective customers.

Carswell Gould created a campaign that used integrated marketing communications to ensure that a compelling message about the SDC reached the target audience through as many touch-points as possible. The campaign included a landing page on the Meachers website, a press release and media liaison, a promotional PDF, an exhibition stand, social media activity and assets, customer case studies, an infographic, and email campaigns.

The Outcome

The initial press release on the SDC reached over a quarter of a million people and was covered in both regional and trade media. The social media campaign had a high number of engagements for posts on the subject, with a total of 130,000 social media impressions. The email campaign had a click-through rate of over 23% (the average click-through rate is 2.5%), with emails sent to approximately 2,000 recipients.

Although the use of the exhibition materials was limited by the outbreak of COVID-19, the partnership was able to develop an exhibition video that was played to over 100 delegates at the Council’s Green City Charter event. The campaign resulted in fantastic engagement and exposure for the Meachers Global Logistics and Southampton City Council partnership, including over 53,000 video views and a cost per view of just £0.03.

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