Southampton’s future in the spotlight with the Future of Work Summit

The Future of Work Summit brought together innovators, leaders and residents of Southampton for a day of bold thinking and action to ensure our city is future ready. The Southampton City Council event marked an important turning point for the city and was the kickstart to the wider Future of Work programme.

The forward-looking approach of the Future of Work Summit emphasised creating opportunities for businesses and residents equally. With a strong focus on creating an inclusive, innovative, and sustainable economy, the Summit was a collaborative and thought-provoking event that challenged current approaches and sparked new ideas.

From inspiring talks by industry leaders to engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops, the Future of Work Summit was an opportunity for the people of Southampton to share their vision.

Client Southampton City Council
Project team Lizzie Walker-Arnott Gareth Miller Martyna Cieslinska

Our Approach

Carswell Gould brought its innovative and creative approach to the Future of Work Summit, working with our client, Southampton City Council, to reimagine the traditional event format and deliver a dynamic and stimulating experience for attendees. Our shared goal was to create a collaborative and highly engaging environment where all could come together and open new doors for opportunities and solutions for the challenges ahead.

In both the theming and running a multi-channel promotional campaign for the event, we left no stone unturned in our efforts to promote the Summit and get Southampton businesses, public sector organisations and residents involved in the conversation. Our team created a powerful video that set the tone for the entire Future of Work Summit, setting the stage for defining the future of Southampton. More importantly, we acted as an extension to the Southampton City Council team to deliver this inaugural event.

The Outcome

The exceptional success of The Future of Work Summit was evident as in-person tickets sold out over a week in advance, setting the stage for a dynamic event. The impact of the Summit was felt far beyond the walls of the MAST Mayflower Studios, with coverage from major local news outlets such as the Daily Echo and HampshireLive, as well as interviews on VoiceFM and Unity101.

To ensure that these visionary ideas and innovative plans were translated into concrete action plan, Carswell Gould complied a Future of Work Report. The document not only highlights the key trends, discussions, and innovative solutions from the event but also serves as a call to action for Southampton residents to commit to change. The report with actionable steps outlines the path to a brighter future for our city.

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