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KTP Awards recognised the people and partnerships behind the UK’s most inspiring and successful KTP projects. The awards celebrate partnerships between a talented graduate, an organisation looking to grow and a knowledge base looking to apply their expertise.

More than 800 inspiring collaborations are currently running across Britain – each one forging a new pathway for UK Innovation. These partnerships can create powerful change and progression in a variety of fields and some of the most inspirational are celebrated at the annual KTP awards.

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Our Approach

KTN aimed to deliver an exciting and well-organised event with a clear visual identity, giving the finalists and winners a chance to celebrate everyone’s successes. As part of this, we needed to create a visual identity, some assets to promote the event, a sequence of animated graphics to run throughout the event, a series of interview videos with the finalists and graphics to add interest to the live stream.

Our main goal was to make the awards ceremony interesting, dynamic, memorable and attention-grabbing through our use of branding, animation and video content. After researching the design of current and popular award shows, we wanted to develop a unique style for the awards that showcased the show’s purpose and contained engaging elements to keep viewers interested.

The Outcome

Carswell Gould’s creative skills were used to develop the KTP awards branding into an identity for the entire event. This played on the three-part partnerships – the graduate, a business and a knowledge base – that are central to each KTP project by utilising the triangular logo throughout. We used our marketing skills to create some key messages and a unified and relevant style for the event that could be used throughout all promotions and the show itself.

We designed and produced an announcement video and an array of social graphics for the client to use to promote the event to their audiences. We worked closely with the venue’s AV team and our videographer to ensure all the technology ran smoothly during the event. We needed to make sure that our animations looked their best during the awards event, so an expert understanding of the technology used from screen resolutions to deployment was essential to ensure we created a high-quality output for the client.

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KTP Awards
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