A brand refresh ‘done properly’ for broadband provider Lit Fibre

Lit Fibre is not just your typical broadband provider – it understands the value of human connections just as much as internet connections. With a mission of “internet done properly”, it’s delivering ultrafast full-fibre broadband, but in a way that’s community-driven, completely customer-obsessed and sustainable.

They are committed to making every day a little smoother for their customers with the support of a company that cares about creating a brighter future for their communities. By listening to the pain points of customers that no one was previously addressing, Lit Fibre has created a broadband service that is changing the game for internet providers. Carswell Gould is proud to be working with Lit Fibre in bringing their unique approach to the market and we look forward to continuing to support them as integrated marketing specialists.

Client Lit Fibre
Project team Lizzie Walker-Arnott Ed Gould Gareth Miller

Our Approach

Carswell Gould was entrusted with the task of bringing Lit Fibre’s vision to life and creating a brand story that would resonate with their customers and target audience. Lit Fibre had the values in place, but not a brand or consistent messaging that would back them. We aimed to create a unique and eye-catching brand identity that stood out in the cluttered market of well-known and emerging internet service providers.

Firstly, we worked closely with the Lit Fibre team and the founding partners to understand the vision that sat behind the brand and what made them special to other providers. We created a top-line message for the rebrand that brought up the tagline of “Internet done properly” to highlight how Lit Fibre cares about the whole service. We designed modern, clear, and confident brand elements, including illustrations and visuals that paired yellow, black, and blue to create a bold and energetic contract, while giving the brand a strong distinction from competitors.

The Outcome

In just two months, Carswell Gould took the Lit Fibre brand from being something that was lacking a cohesive identity to an attention-grabbing and coherent brand that stands out in a crowded market. Since the launch of Lit Fibre’s rebrand, engagement across various communication platforms has been exceptional. With a renewed brand identity, Lit Fibre has built up its customer base and continues to create a positive impact in the communities they service.

Through a full rebranding effort that included a new style, tone of voice, and assets, we successfully positioned Lit Fibre as a compelling and trustworthy provider of high-speed internet services. The new cohesive aesthetics spread across all communications, including their website, printed marketing collateral, digital channels and even signage at Clacton Football Club. The tone of voice picked out for Lit Fibre is the perfect balance between engaging, yet professional and most importantly, it has the human touch.

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