Nice to tweet you, minister

SETsquared, a university business incubator ranked 2nd in the world and 1st in Europe, approached us for a PR campaign to raise awareness of their Accelerating Growth event, a major investor showcase in London. The event saw 50 of the UK’s most exciting tech start-ups pitch for more than £13m in investment. SETsquared wanted to ensure that their event was well-attended and that their start-ups had the best chance of securing the investment they needed to grow.

Client SetSquared
Project team Ed Gould Gareth Miller

Our Approach

We took a multi-faceted approach to the campaign, hitting the nationals hard with coverage in publications such as The Telegraph, Guardian, Observer and Express. We also secured coverage in technology and investment trade publications including Wired, BBC Technology and Angel News. Additionally, we had a Financial Times journalist, Jonathan Moules, take part in a panel discussion on the day of the event. This helped to establish SETsquared as a reputable and credible organisation in the eyes of potential investors and industry professionals.

To raise awareness of the event online, we devised a specific strategy which included direct targeting of MPs and Government ministers. This included a cheeky tweet campaign to grab their attention and invite them to the event. This resulted in Skills Minister, Matt Hancock MP, attending the event and providing valuable exposure for SETsquared. We also orchestrated a ‘Thunderclap’ which saw 128 people tweet simultaneously about SETsquared at 9am on the day of the Accelerating Growth event.

The Outcome

The campaign was a success, with the event hashtag seen in 583,865 timelines. The ripple effects of this success are still being felt as we continue to deliver consistent online engagement and offline coverage for SETsquared. Our creative approach, including the use of cheeky tweets, ‘Thunderclaps’ and bike detectors, helped to make this campaign stand out and achieve its goals.

SETsquared received more than £13m in investment and was able to showcase 50 of the UK’s most exciting tech start-ups. Furthermore, the event was well attended by investors, industry professionals and government representatives, and it was highlighted in the media as one of the most important events for the technology sector in the UK.

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