Helping Meachers Global Logistics become supply chain heroes

Meachers Global Logistics is a UK-based logistics and haulage company. Operating for over 60 years, the family-run business provides logistics, warehousing, freight forwarding and supply chain management solutions to its customers.

Carswell Gould has been supporting Meachers with its marketing and communications since 2020. We have helped them to deliver several impactful marketing and PR campaigns in that time.

Examples include the communications for its acquisition of AFS Haulage in 2021, and the 2022 diamond celebration of its Chairman, Bob Terris – who has been the driving force behind the company’s success for the past 60 years.

We also create ideas and concepts for its quarterly marketing campaigns, and one of the more impactful campaigns we’ve produced for Meachers was Supply Chain Guardians.

This campaign placed the Meachers’ team at the heart of its messaging to support customers during the period of uncertainty caused by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Client Meachers Global Logistics
Year 2022
Project team Gareth Miller Stuart Hunt
Meachers Supply Chain Guardians

Our Approach

For the approach, we decided that the verbal and visual tone would differ dramatically to previous campaigns.  

Whilst we didn’t want to make light of the challenges that businesses were facing in their supply chains, at the same time, we didn’t want the campaign to feel dour and gloomy. 

We therefore came up with a concept to make heroes of Meachers’ staff, who at the time were working hard to support their customers during a period of great turbulence for supply chains.   

We avoided typical Meachers’ imagery (such as HGV trucks and warehouses), instead taking a comic book style visual approach to the campaign assets. This was a huge departure from what they had done previously. 

Rather than the business, we instead put greater focus on its people and the key thing customers needed support with the most: supply chain stability.  

The topline message ‘Supply Chain Guardians’ was used to wrap everything together and demonstrate that Meachers is both knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to managing supply chains.  

We created a landing page for the campaign that highlighted the three key areas that were causing the most issues for supply chains: Brexit, the pandemic and new legislation.  

Linked to this page were informative blog articles that provided insight and guidance on ways to find bring stability in each of these three areas.  

In addition to this, we had previously published a series of ‘Meet the team’ articles on its website. We redressed them to suit the look and theme of the campaign and make heroes of the team members. 

We complemented all this with a series of emails and social media graphics, boosted by PPC advertising across Google and social media, to help spread the message further.  

The outcome

“We were delighted with the Supply Chain Guardians concept. Carswell Gould nailed the brief and succeeded in helping us to deliver a campaign outside of what we would normally sign off. We received some great feedback from our clients, who felt it fresh and different, which is why it succeeded in grabbing their attention. We’re very fortunate to have an amazing team and this campaign was a way for us to demonstrate how much we value and appreciate their dedication and hard work.” 

Gary Whittle, Meachers Commercial Director 

Supply Chain Guardians Social Media
Supply Chain Guardians Email
Supply Chain Guardian Google Ads
Supply Chain Guardians Webpage
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