I’m a Celebrity, Iain Lee, helps campaign reach hundreds of thousands in days

John Mason International is one of the UK's leading providers of overseas removals on a national and international scale. Carswell Gould saw an opportunity to raise awareness of the company and highlight some important facts about what can and cannot be taken to different destinations around the world, by leveraging the fame of Iain Lee, who had recently appeared on the popular reality show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here" and had developed a connection with Australia. The campaign included highly engaging video content with Iain Lee as the main star.

Client John Mason International
Project team Ed Gould Gareth Miller Giuseppe Sciascia Hannah Bergman-Brown

Our Approach

The campaign featured video content as the main element, with Iain Lee providing top tips for a smooth transition to a new country. The videos were shot in the Palm House at Kew Gardens and included a “bushtucker trial” style challenge with Australia vs UK foods, and a humorous information film where Iain explained what cannot be taken with you when moving to Australia, coining the phrase ‘Leave it out!’. To promote the videos, Carswell Gould created organic and boosted social media posts that were pushed out for a month from the launch of the campaign.

The main objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of John Mason International and its services, with a specific focus on providing valuable information to those planning a move to Australia. Carswell Gould also worked closely with John Mason International to create a landing page on the company’s website, which provided additional information about the campaign, the services offered by the company, and a contact form for those interested in obtaining a quote.

The Outcome

The campaign was highly successful, resulting in fantastic engagement and exposure for the John Mason International brand. The videos were viewed more than 53,000 times, resulting in 130,000 social media impressions and almost 35,000 YouTube impressions. The campaign had a cost per view of just £0.03. The website landing page was visited by thousands of people, with many filling out the contact form to request a quote.

The social media posts also generated a high level of engagement, with thousands of likes, shares, and comments. The campaign not only raised awareness of the services offered by John Mason International but also provided valuable information to those planning a move, particularly to Australia. The videos, website landing page, and social media posts all helped to drive website traffic and generate leads.