Hexagon unveils an autonomous vision for a better global future

HxGN LIVE Global was the Hexagon digital reality solutions conference, held in Las Vegas in 2022. It brought together visionaries from around the world to discuss, debate and experience the autonomous future.

It is the flagship global conference for HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s digital reality solutions event series, which brings people together from across the world to get hands-on access to the latest sensor, software, and autonomous technologies across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector, and mobility applications.

Client Hexagon
Project team Ed Gould Lizzie Walker-Arnott

Our Approach

Acting as the marketing lead under Hexagon’s Global Marketing lead and event lead for Hexagon Mi, our marketing expertise provided the capacity, event organisation and experience to the delivery teams. 

Our team was available and ready to offer support to ensure the smooth-running of all aspects of the event – this included on-stage presentations and hosting of the Global Reseller Conference. We ran the multi-day agenda, acting as compare and presenter linking the information together.

The Outcome

HxGN LIVE Global 2022 engaged more than 3,000 in-person attendees at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas over four days to discuss, debate and encounter the autonomous future first-hand. HxGN LIVE Global provided inspiration to help the world move forward into a sustainable future with autonomy at its core. The conference and technology expo delivered a strong focus on sustainability and learning from the challenges of the past years to disrupt the way things are done using autonomous technology as a tool for positive change.

The confluence of global supply chain disruption, changes to the nature of work, and shifts in consumer habits meant that the people coming together to talk about the future of their industries were essentially starting fresh, making a new way for themselves in a new world.

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