Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence fly high at Farnborough International Airshow

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) attended Farnborough International Airshow for the first time in 2022. With their sights set on a more sustainable future for aerospace, Hexagon MI wanted to showcase their innovative future-facing technology in a unique and engaging way and create a space to meet and chat with clients and potential customers. Carswell Gould was there every step of the way to help them take off in the aerospace field.

Client Hexagon
Year 2022
Project team Ed Gould Lizzie Walker-Arnott
A view of the Hexagon-Manufacturing Stand at Farnborough International Airshow

The Concept

To achieve Hexagon MI’s aims for the show, we designed and delivered an on-brand, interactive and eye-catching exhibition experience that enabled them to get maximum returns from attending the world’s leading aerospace show.

We included some playful and engaging elements, including a VIP booth made to look like an aircraft section and huge LED walls.

The Carswell Gould creative team developed screen and stand content designed to tell a Hexagon-branded, three-stage story of how their unique technology is shaping the future of digital twins for manufacturing.

There was a live demonstration of an aircraft door that was scanned using the client’s hardware and software, bringing to life the immediate benefits to aerospace manufacturing. This interactive feature allowed delegates to get ‘hands on’ with the technology solution and try it out themselves.

The Approach

Carswell Gould took responsibility for planning, designing, building and delivering every aspect of the exhibition experiences. The team managed the stand build and tested all the elements before the show to ensure everything would run smoothly.

The Hexagon MI stand design and Hexagon’s messaging linked directly to the global marketing strategy and the campaigns for aerospace we had already developed with the client. This meant there was a consistent approach to how Hexagon were promoting their aerospace proposition.

Carswell Gould’s Ed Gould, Lizzie Walker-Arnott and Shirley Wynne-Jones joined the Hexagon MI team on the stand to give technical, event and sales support throughout the duration of the event.

We captured video content and ran interviews on the stand with key members of the Hexagon MI team. From this, evergreen video content was created that Hexagon can use to showcase their work within aerospace sector.

We also employed the use of QR codes to lead people to relevant digital content and downloads to provide a meaningful interaction, while collecting their information and creating marketing leads for the client.

We always consider sustainability when working on any project. For this Hexagon MI project, we opted for video content and fabric backdrops to reduce the amount of waste produced from the event. We used QR codes that linked to further information on the client’s website, rather than printing brochures. Where print was of value, we sourced sustainably printed materials and recyclable banners.

The Results

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Mandy Wardman said: “Everything looks great and the screens on the stand that were showing content really did stand out.

“The stand is amazing … thank you, Carswell Gould, for all your excellent and hard work on this. Thank you for your patience, you definitely have helped us build an eye-catching stand.”

After the event, Ed Gould said: “It was great to be able to work on the stand with the client partners as it meant we saw first-hand how everything worked in attracting visitors. The VIP booth was an ideal spot to sit down for a chat with potential customers and partners, and the video content and live scanner demo pulled people into the stand to find out more.

“The big plan for this stand was to create something that really set this client apart from everyone else. What I’m most proud of is when we can say everything that you see is by Carswell Gould and the client and that is the case with this piece of work. So, if you’re looking for a partner to work with for your next exhibition, we’ll help you out.”

Hexagon Manufacturing Stand with people
Ed Gould and Lizzie at the Hexagon stand

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