From start-up to £14m opportunity in 90 days

A jet engine-inspired, water-saving shower system was developed by innovators and academics from Kelda Water. Led by CEO Chris Jackson, the innovation business attracted investment and developed its supply chain capability to prepare for the market.

With a mandate to launch and develop sales opportunities, he turned to the team at Carswell Gould who worked with Chris, his engineers and his investors to make ambitious plans to give this brilliant business a big launch, specially designed to meet its sales targets.

Our Approach

Carswell Gould had a mandate to develop an end-to-end brand and strategy that covered every aspect of the proposition development, marketing, digital, events, comms, and sales enablement. These include market analysis and competition review, commercial proposition and purpose, naming and brand development, brand story and launch film, website and digital marketing, collateral and sales enablement, PR and stakeholder and investor relations, trade-show organisation and stand build, interactive experience development, event sales support and media management.

Working closely with Chris, they focused on the leisure and gym industry, booking space at FIBO, ‘The World’s Biggest Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health’ as the perfect place to launch Kelda Technology to the world. A collaborative approach was taken to create a launch strategy and marketing plan that would make an impact from day one.

The Outcome

During the global launch in Germany, Kelda Technology developed £14m of sales opportunities to work through. They established new relationships with industry, investors and media including the owner of Brazil’s largest gym chain. In a short space of time we created everything the business needed to launch and grow and that’s exactly what happened. Chris has developed the team, its brand and the product line considerably.

We supported the launch with a website, as well as trade press relations, branded spring water and plenty of takeaway items. We executed social media marketing to support the event and post-event after-sales follow up. Building on the success of FIBO we attended ELEVATE a similar UK-based event. We reused the stand, managing the logistics, storage and event production. By doing so we extended the launch and garnered more interest for this fledgling business. 

Kelda Fibo Stand
Kelda Touchscreen
Kelda How Much Water Could You Save
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