Designing a solution and brand that resonates with families

When Kingsmead Day Nursery approached Carswell Gould, they were looking for a way to increase their online presence and attract new families. When you’re looking to increase footfall, whether it’s an attraction, shopping centre or, in this case, a children’s nursery, the approach needs to be developed with the target audience at the forefront of your messaging to meet their needs.

We worked closely with the team at the Kingsmead Day Nursery to ensure that all marketing efforts were aligned with their values and goals.

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Our Approach

The key to achieving Kingsmead’s goals was the development of Flexicare, a new program offered by the nursery. This program offered a unique blend of childcare and education, and it was designed to meet the needs of families in the community.

Carswell Gould then set to work on branding Flexicare, creating a visual identity that was both professional and approachable. This included designing a logo, colour palette and typography. This was supported by ongoing digital advertising and social media management to increase awareness of the nursery and its presence on Facebook.

The Outcome

The project included PR, social media, web development, digital advertising and email marketing and to date has resulted in an increase of 50 percent in nursery placements and coverage on ITV Meridian.
Their social media accounts saw a 36% uptick in page likes and a 101% boost in engagement, as if the families in the community were eager to learn more about the Flexicare program.

The reach of their posts also soared to new heights, with 277% more people seeing them, as if their message was spreading like wildfire. And to top it all off, their posts were seen an impressive 221% more times, as if they were being passed around and shared by excited parents.

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Create a Powerful Brand Identity

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