Carswell Gould takes Foodie Experiences to the Skies

Carswell Gould partnered with Events in the Sky to take fine dining to new heights in Southampton. Events in the Sky was looking for an agency to work with ahead of bringing its world-renowned experiences to Southampton.

The concept, which involves a table suspended 100 feet in the air, had previously been a hit in cities around the world and Events in the Sky was looking to replicate that success in Southampton. Carswell Gould took up the challenge and together we welcomed 1,200 foodies from all over the South to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience to dine in the sky over the city.

Our Approach

Over a 10-month period, we were tasked with filling seats for breakfast, lunch and dinner events, as well as maximising media coverage – culminating in the event itself. From taking breakfast show hosts, weather presenters, journalists, producers, photographers and cameramen up in the sky to gaining outstanding print, online and broadcast coverage for both the event organisers and restaurants, Carswell Gould over-delivered on our goals to make Southampton’s first dining in the sky event a successful and memorable one.

We also handled all the branding and design elements for the event, creating a cohesive visual identity that was used across all materials, from the website to the signage on the day of the event. To fill seats, we worked closely with the team at Events in the Sky to develop a marketing strategy that would appeal to foodies in the South. This included working with local restaurants to offer special packages, as well as reaching out to our own network of contacts in the food and hospitality industry.

The Outcome

The event itself was a huge success, with over 1,200 people taking part in the unique dining experience. The event received rave reviews from both participants and the media, with many praising the unique experience and the high-quality of the food and service. By developing a media partnership with regional radio station Wave 105, we were able to maximise our broadcast coverage – and even hosted breakfast show news presenter Michael Coombes for an hour-long Facebook live video.

Carswell Gould was able to fill all seats for the event, and we exceeded our media coverage goals, achieving a total coverage reach of 6,742,300 with an equivalent advertising value of £108,542. Carswell Gould and Events in the Sky took the South by storm, reaching a staggering 1,832,000 views on TV, 864,206 on radio, 624,915 in print, and 1,928,365 online.

Events in the Sky
Events in the Sky
Events in the Sky
Events in the Sky
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