Award-winning Mission to Mars campaign helps client reach new heights

Leading British overseas removal and storage company, John Mason International Movers recently set us a new challenge. Following the success of the Australia Day parody film, our creative team once again set to work to spread the John Mason International message even further.

Client John Mason International
Project team Ed Gould

Our Approach

Once again the client was willing to take creative risks and gave us a licence to go the extra mile (or rather 140 million miles) to make a realistic and credible April Fool’s Day stunt. Having established the company as a keen player on social media with the Australia Day campaign, the team set out to create a new, time-critical video and social media campaign, taking advantage of recent exciting announcements in pushing the boundaries in space exploration.

The team utilised a cross-platform approach, including the creation of a main video, trailer video and interview with John Mason International’s very own expert Dr. Xavier Wing. In addition to a bespoke landing page, the company’s home page incorporated a new banner promoting the video.

The Outcome

The campaign has now won a gold Hermes Creative Award in the Integrated Web Campaign category. The integrated campaign generated 9,000 views across multiple videos on social media and YouTube within 48 hours of launch.

During the video campaign, there were 27,400 views across three videos on Facebook; 9,464 views from three videos on YouTube – where the average percentage viewed was 92% – and over 7,000 impressions on Twitter. The Facebook engagement was up 3,197%, page likes were up 2,750% and video views were up 684,575% over a seven-day period.

John Mason Hermes Award
John Mason Website
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