When you really want to show off what equipment and people can achieve there is no better way than a CG Adventure. In this multi-award winning campaign for GORE-TEX® we took two small boats, eight intrepid adventurers and a lot of camera equipment some 1000 miles, from Scotland to the Arctic circle, and invited 19 million armchair viewers along for the ride.

We created a promotion that brought the benefits of RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) to life in an industry first. We planned an integrated communications strategy to give maximum ROI, utilising a mix of traditional and cutting-edge communication tools in a targeted, experiential way.


Our team made up for the tight budgets and tough conditions by using some clever planning to deliver exciting, varied and live content that people could follow and interact with. CG mixed videos, photos, text and blog commenting to create a complete view of the adventure. We also extended the reach by inviting a national journalist and blogger to take part and offered content to external groups/channels. Creative Director Ed Gould also took part to ensure smooth running of the campaign.



The core site, designed by CG, tied in all social sites to streamline the campaign and collect the content in one place.


Our development team built the world’s first tool to allow users to track exactly where the boats were using GPS beacons and position tweets made there. ‘GPSocial’ matched Twitter updates to global positions on a live tracking map. This meant even when there was no mobile signal the site was updated using GPS technologies.


Social media

We targeted people and bloggers discussing RIBs, adventure, challenges, the Arctic Circle and other key words and set up content on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — always linking back to the official site. We pushed content through these channels and other people’s groups to ensure wider reach, and interacted with people who commented.


Direct marketing and design

We launched the challenge at the world’s only boat show dedicated solely to RIBs, RIBEX, and carried out further direct marketing using printed design at RIBEX and Seawork exhibitions.


National press

To ensure a wider reach and promote RIBs to a new, national consumer audience. our PR team researched key journalists who were ‘game for a challenge’. Telegraph columnist Bryony Gordon was approached and secured to take part and write a feature, regular blogs and tweets en route.



Our PR experts targeted media of all types, from RIB specialists and sailing press to consumer publications. They were fed with updates and led to the challenge blog. CG ran regional PR campaigns in the areas of each crew member to widen reach.



We filmed the challenge so video content, bringing people closer to the action, could be used on multiple channels. The content is being made into a documentary to create a legacy and ensure the challenge continues to deliver ROI.

Key Points