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Sales-boosting website is no wallflower

Wall coverings industry leader Tektura counts Carswell Gould as its right hand for marketing, entrusting the agency with everything from design and photography to email marketing and print.

So when it needed help improving the way its customers explored, understood and bought its products online, it briefed the agency with a deep understanding of its overall marketing and business objectives.

The result? A website that has increased sample orders by 17 times and earned itself a shortlisting in the prestigious Wirehive 100 web awards.

Selecting the perfect wallcovering offline is a very hands-on process. It involves flicking through product binders, thumbing through sample folders, collating mood boards with swatches and images.

And when you’re buying from the leading distributor of wall coverings for the UK trade market, Tektura, you have hundreds of thousands of options at your fingertips.

But how do you replicate that experience online and what’s more, how do you ensure it results in sales? That was the question Tektura posed to CG as it embarked on a mission to improve its e-commerce website.

In the past, navigating, exploring and selecting from Tektura’s huge library of content options online was a real challenge.

Using a bespoke build, CG helped the company explore new ways to let designers and interior specifiers find, share and purchase wall coverings.

Advance search algorithms and visual matching technology played a big part in the new site, allowing users to create mood boards and sample folders and then order in one simple click. The site also allowed users to upload images for inspiration, turning the site into a useful resource for users.

The success of CG’s solution is evidenced in the hard numbers. Average time spent on the site has gone from under a minute to over five minutes. The bounce rate has averaged at around 5% compared to industry norms of around 43% and has even hit a record low of 3%.

The website, added to other marketing collateral that CG has delivered, means Tektura has a well-rounded, consistent and successful approach to marketing.

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