How a powerful brand and accurate targeting can launch a whole new way of working

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How a powerful brand and accurate targeting can launch a whole new way of working

Occupying a Grade II listed former bonded warehouse in the centre of Southampton, in late 2019 Old Bond Store opened its impressive large double wooden doors to a carefully curated selection of the city’s business community. 

Located on the historic Back of the Walls in Southampton, originally built in 1802 as a bonded warehouse, Old Bond Store is outwardly industrial, inwardly warm and welcoming and private yet spacious. Through thoughtful design it retains its historical soul whilst embracing the future, representing a much broader cultural change for the way in which businesses are working. This new way of working, which is becoming commonplace in London, is being talked of as ‘club working’.

The challenge

Could club working be the ultimate revolution in the way we run our businesses? The Old Bond Store certainly thinks it is and they could be right, but first we had to develop a marketing strategy and brand story that not only was appealing but also educated an audience about a solution to a problem that they didn’t know they had. How do you convince a particularly hard to reach audience that, firstly they needed to listen to what you have to say, then get off their arses and go and see what it was all about? The theory was that when they experienced the Old Bond Store, they would immediately understand its specialness and why they should be a member.

The solution

We worked with the leadership team at Old Bond Store to meticulously understand and shape the proposition and develop a knockout brand identity to appeal to the heart and soul of this distinguished target market. The ’product’ wasn’t a ‘me too’, competing with the likes of Eagle Labs and We Work. It wasn’t a shared working space, it was something more - a club, a place to belong, an environment to be in the company of other successful businesses people. It was something that you had in addition to your workspace not to replace it. The visual and verbal brand had to reflect this. It needed to feel exclusive and appealing in a way that draws attention to the feeling members get when they walk through the door. It wasn’t for everyone, but it is for those people who need space, both physically and mentally, to work on their business and not in it. To launch, we developed a website that could only be accessed with a unique password. We created a beautiful printed direct mailer, which was sent to a highly targeted list of our C-Suite audience. Each mailer was sent in a handwritten envelope which begged to be opened. Only by doing this could we be certain that a high proportion would be seen by this distinguished audience group.

This then kicked off an ongoing series of marketing communications activity which included events and emails to encourage our target audience to visit and sign up as a member.

Phase two of the launch campaign was to celebrate the new members, what they have achieved and how they use the Old Bond Store. The Little Black Book was born. This manifested itself as a series of content on the Old Bond Store website where prospective members could get a flavour of the benefits of membership, not directly from the Old Bond Store but from real members, people like them who value their membership and can testify to the advantages it brings to their business.


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"Carswell Gould’s experience and expertise has been instrumental in the Old Bond Store journey to date. It’s been great to work with a company that has understood the DNA of our business and worked hard to develop our brand and communications approach in order to pinpoint target our prospective customers with such success."

Liam Doe, Founder - Old Bond Store