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The house that Elliotts built

For the first time ever in the New Forest Show's 95-year history, a working house was built on site. Carswell Gould played an integral part in the Elliotts construction. Here's how it was achieved...

Successful companies and organisations dream about and envisage the future, just like everybody else. Yet the difference between those who are highly successful and those who are moderately so, is that the former can adapt to change and execute plans quickly and effectively. 

Here, we share an inspiring example of a business that is making awesome things happen now, our client Elliotts. Equipped with a vision and the determination to succeed, managing director Tom Elliott wanted to celebrate an incredibly successful year for the builders merchants and put on a spectacular display for this year’s New Forest Show.


The event is rated as one of the top agricultural shows in the country and has previously been visited by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Elliotts knew that to make its mark on one of the highlights of Hampshire’s social calendar, it had to put on a showstopper of an event that would really capture the imagination of the attendees.

After all, over a three-day event with 600 trade stands on show, it was going to have to be something special to live in the memories of the 95,000 visitors. So, with help from Carswell Gould and a range of suppliers, Elliotts was able to create something truly unique. Meet ‘The House That Elliotts Built.’

After two days on site the house and garden were already taking shape.

By the end of day three the house has a roof.

A wet day during building allowed the team to focus on the stunning interior.

Elliotts’ big red lorries were visible all over the site. 

The House That Elliotts Built - ready in time for The New Forest Show.


The show stand that started as an idea on a piece of paper just a few weeks before was miraculously transformed into an entire on-site house, 46 meters in length and powered by the latest renewable technology. Besides that, there was a whole host of entertainment on offer during the event, including competitions with prizes of up to £2,000 to be won.

It was the first time a fully functioning house had been built at the New Forest Show and this amazing achievement couldn’t have been possible without working in close partnership with a team of suppliers who had the knowledge and resources to pull a feat like this off. Its tremendous success no doubt proved to be the statement of intent the builders’ merchants desired.

Takeaway: Whatever service or product you’re selling, say something worth saying, and say it well. You should be proud of the exciting ideas you have and do all you can to show them off. 

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