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GO ON, make the UK 100% online with Digital Skills

When web pioneer Baroness Martha Lane Fox wanted to develop a resource to help get Britain online, she asked CG to help deliver the award-shortlisted digitalskills.com

CG Client Go On UK is a national charity backed by the likes of the BBC, the Post Office, TalkTalk and Lloyds Bank. It aims to make the UK the world's most digitally-skilled nation.

Working in close partnership with Carswell Gould, Go ON UK, its partners and a team of user testers built digitalskills.com an online resource full of tools and information to boost people's digital capabilities. 

The major project saw Carswell Gould design and build the entire project from the ground-up. The unique resource will eventually be rolled out to benefit the whole of the UK but it is being launched in the North East, where 500,000 adults are said to lack basic online skills.

CG Creative Director Ed Gould: "This is a project of genuine significance to the whole of the UK and the nation's ability to capitalise on the huge opportunity afforded by the web. So the standards were incredibly high, with the Government and some of the country's biggest businesses heavily focused on the result.

"It's the sort of challenge the team here relishes and I am hugely proud of the work that we have done. This demonstrates our capability and underlines again how we have the best web development team in the region - bar none."

"Making the UK the world’s most digitally skilled nation will result in a better place for all of us. But Go ON UK can't do it without people just like you, or the organisations you work for. Find out exactly what you can do and join Carswell Gould in helping make Britain better."

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