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Client delight as award-winning parody video generates 20,000 views in 24 hours

Leading British overseas removals and storage company, John Mason International Movers, challenged us to come up with a funny and engaging video to help them celebrate Australia Day in the UK and highlight their services to a new audience.

Having helped over 50,000 people take the plunge Down Under during its 130-year history, the Aussie national holiday on January 26 was a big deal for John Mason. It was time to deliver.


Having an open brief allowed us to fuse our array of creative talents in an innovative integrated cross-platform campaign. To raise interest we offered two people the chance to win a trip to Australia after watching a clip of a colourful Mick Dundee-esque character wreaking havoc in London.

The team incorporated a cross-platform approach, including the creation of a main video and out-take footage; 27 supporting clips and bloopers; memes and gifs. In addition to a bespoke landing page, the home-page incorporated a new banner promoting the video and related competition.

We have been delighted with the response to our video across our social media platforms, from customers and colleagues alike. We wanted to produce a humorous and engaging video, with the aim of ensuring the maximum number of people were exposed to the John Mason brand and excited about Australia Day. We have already seen a significant rise in awareness and response to our video and can’t wait for next year!"

Simon Hood, Sales and Marketing Director, John Mason


The publicity campaign started a week before Australia Day, with mobile content, gifs and photos seeded via Reddit, Buzzfeed, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Engagement on John Mason’s own Facebook and Twitter feeds increased as posting and sharing of video content ramped up before the video launch, competition and experiential element on Australia Day itself.

The integrated campaign generated 20,000 views across social media within 24 hours of launch on Australia Day.

In the first four days of the video campaign, there were 22,000 views on Facebook; 6,900 views on YouTube - where 80% of viewers watched more than 80% of the main video - and over 2,500 impressions on Twitter. Facebook engagement was up 5,436%, likes were up 975% and views up 714%, while tweet impressions were up 420%.

The campaign has now won a Hermes Creative platinum award in Consumer Engagement, and an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the YouTube Video category.

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