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Boosting ROI for BOC

BOC asked Carswell Gould to plan and deliver a second campaign to five of its key sectors: vets, healthcare providers, leisure and hospitality, business and industry and BOC’s Irish-based customers.

This campaign was planned to run for four months, re-introducing the BOC Online ordering platform focusing on five key sectors with the objective to switch those customers who typically order by phone, to online. The aim was to increase BOC’s revenue from online sales.
The four month campaign delivered a strong 10:1 ROI overall. 
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Our approach
Our previous experience has taught us that BOC Online has myriad benefits for its customers and is similar in many respects to online banking, so we recommended highlighting how each sector can derive different values. For example, the hospitality industry would appreciate online account orders being placed outside business hours. Vets and healthcare providers might see greater value ordering online to give them a digital trail of orders placed and delivery dates and time. To confirm our hypothesis we spoke to BOC’s customers in four sectors. 
We contacted a number of BOC’s customers which were already using BOC Online across each of the four sectors and asked them to share with us its benefits to them. Everyone we spoke to was complimentary about the platform and, as we suspected, each sector had different things they liked about the platform. Armed with this confirmation, we were able to tailor our messaging with specific benefits for each sector, resulting in a more compelling value proposition. 
Messaging and targeting
We created a direct message for the campaign ‘BOC Online: Made With You In Mind’. BOC Online offers many benefits (simple re-ordering, 24/7 order tracking, digital receipts, to name just a few) that make managing and ordering gas easier. Our aim was to create messaging to express: “BOC Online has been created to make things easier for you, our BOC customers”. 
Campaign elements
To make this campaign a success, we utilised a mix of digital marketing (web, video, email marketing and social media) and traditional marketing (direct mailers and telemarketing).


With the tagline, creative concept and key messaging agreed, we designed and built a web landing page to re-introduce BOC Online to the market with a series of ‘child’ pages for each of the five selected sectors. For this campaign we wanted the message to be clear that BOC was thinking about their customers’ specific sector requirements. To best achieve this, we recommended creating individual landing pages for each sector and a series of web banners to be used across the main BOC sites and healthcare to drive people to the BOC Online pages.   

How to boost your business' ROIHow to boost your business' ROI

We produced one general video and four sector-specific professionally voiced and animated videos and embedded these on the main site and sector pages. They were also used with social media. The videos, though similar in format, spoke about the specific benefits to each sector using a professional voice actor to do the audio recordings. 


Two general and two sector-specific HTML emails were created with updated/refreshed visual collateral. These highlighted the sector benefits and shared testimonials from satisfied BOC Online users. 
Social Media
Social media assets were provided to BOC to use throughout the campaign. These included copy for social media, graphics and GIFs. These were issued in two stages, the first to highlight the new campaign creative and general benefits and the second to sector-specific set. 


How to boost your business' ROIHow to boost your business' ROI


Direct Mailers
The core element of the campaign was direct mail. We produced two pieces of DM tailored to each of the five sectors; one a general A5 postcard and a second die-cut mailer in the shape of a laptop. Initially, the first mailer was planned to be sector-specific and the second would be more general. However the first was so successful it was decided the second mailer be sector-specific too. The first mailer was sent to 13K people and the second to 11.5K.  

How to boost your business' ROI


Again, we recommended a 10 day telemarketing element to the campaign with existing customers. Every week we reviewed the success of the calls with BOC. This allowed us to tweak the script/approach as necessary and, as before, share with BOC any good or negative feedback so it could address these in a timely manner. 
The outcome 
The four month campaign delivered a strong 10:1 ROI overall. 



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