Mobile management brings us together


CG's clients can now enjoy mobile management through the agency's continuing use of new digital technologies.

CG has added Basecamp Mobile to its armory of online project management tools, meaning clients can access projects even if they are not in front of a computer.

The award-winning integrated agency works with its clients to deliver ongoing management of complex marketing strategies. 

Ed Gould explains: “We have always understood that the closer we can work with our clients the better the return on marketing investment. We also believe that focusing on work rather than meeting about work offers best value. 

"This ethos pushed us to explore new technologies like Basecamp and File Maker-based management systems and over the last decade we have integrated them into our everyday use, increasing efficiency and improved transparency for clients. Now we have taken the next step by going mobile.”

The system is simple and any client is able to request to use the online project management tools, which allow them to access their projects, milestones and work via any computer or any mobile device. 

The system is simple to use and is proven to cut down on wasted time and speed up the process of delivering the agreed marketing strategy and tactics.

If you want to find out more or if you are a client and want to use the system yourself get in contact today by emailing or calling 023 80 238001.