Ed encounters dolphins, seals and Cornish coastlines

CG’s Ed got a taste for adventure this weekend as he took part in sea trials for the GORE-TEX® Arctic Challenge.

Ed, who is heading from Scotland to the Arctic Circle in RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) with seven others this summer, headed down to Cornwall for some practice.

However, he and fellow crew members faced a unique problem when they got there...sunny skies and still water.

The calm conditions didn’t dampen their spirit for adventure however, as they travelled to The Lizard off the coast of Cornwall in search of rough seas.

With overfalls found, the team had a chance to put the two 6.3m, Suzuki-powered Humber RIBs to the test. All safety and navigation equipment was tested and the team is confident that it will endure the ultimate test when it is taken to the Arctic Circle later this month. 

Crew member, Pete Goss MBE, said: “The RIBs handled superbly on the open water and we are now itching to get them to the North Sea for the challenge. The Suzuki engines were just fantastic and reacted quickly and we are all breathing a sigh of relief for our bodies after trying out the Ullman seats, which reduced the impact of the waves we encountered.”

Ed added: “The sea trials have made the whole team even more excited about our forthcoming trip. The incredible cornish coastlines and sealife, including dolphins and seals, were just a taster for the sights we hope to encounter on the Norwegian coast.”

Ed’s involvement in the adventure came about after a meeting with client, Hugo Montgomery-Swan of RIB International, when the mission was first mooted.

Proving he will go to any lengths to achieve his clients’ ambitions, Ed volunteered his specialism in social media, communications and photography and said he would take part in the challenge.

Hugo Montgomery-Swan said: “I really wanted Ed on the team so I’m ecstatic that he is taking part. His communications expertise, sense of adventure and sheer fearlessness are exactly the right ingredients and he will be of great importance to the GORE-TEX® Arctic Challenge. His talents in photography and online communications will allow us to chronicle our adventure and have a record of the amazing wildlife we will be able to witness in these small RIBs. His professionalism in everything he does is just what is required for a once-only challenge of this type.”

People at home will be able to keep right up-to-date with the challenge when it takes place from June 27, via onboard tracking technology and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, and the challenge website - www.ribstothelimit.com. The crew will feed video, photography and blog updates back from the thick of the action and will be able to answer any questions enthusiasts may have.

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